2012 Quick Tip Week: Butter Bread Before Toasting

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Our week of quick tips is over halfway complete.

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The fifth tip comes from my children’s food preferences.

Quick Tip #5: Butter Bread before Toasting

In teaching my children to eat the entire slice of bread, including the crust, I have learned to keep the crust soft.

When bread gets toasted, the hard crust makes eating difficult. With their little mouths, my children enjoy soft bread with melted butter.

To keep the crust soft and still get a light toast to the bread, I butter the bread before toasting in my toaster oven. The butter keeps the entire slice of bread soft, and my children willingly eat the entire piece of bread.

This little tip helps to save our family money since my children are receiving the nutrients from the entire slice of bread without wasting food.

In using time wisely, I butter bread before toasting. By eating the entire slice, my children do not need extra slices which saves me money, energy, and time.

As you feed your picky children, who do not like the hard crust on toast, butter bread before toasting. If your children are like mine, then they may eat the entire slice which will save you money, energy, and time. Happy savings!

Question: Do your children eat the entire slice of toast?

4 comments to 2012 Quick Tip Week: Butter Bread Before Toasting

  • Shannon

    That is interesting about the toast. I had always thought that it would catch on fire if I put butter in there. Do you use a toaster oven? My kids are carb fanatics, so buttering before would make it even better 🙂

    • Yes, Shannon, I use a toaster oven with a drip tray under the rack. With the bread lightly buttered, the butter does not run. If I used an upright toaster, I would be concerned about the butter dripping down on the coils.

      I’m with you. My kids love buttered bread, especially with Italian dishes, like spaghetti. 🙂

  • Shannon

    Thanks! Keep up the great work with the blog! I enjoy reading the entries!