2012 Third Quick Tip Week: Removing Ink Stains

Quick Tip Week - Removing ink stains

Photograph Credit: Flickr (Darren Sacks)

Quick Tip Week continues! Hope this week of shorter posts highlighting one tip in each category helps you in using time wisely. For series already in progress, I will continue with the next segment following our Quick Tip Week. Embrace this week, add your tips in the comments, and continue using time wisely!

Quick Tip #2: Removing Ink Stains

As my 2-year-old waved around an uncapped ink pen, my shirt met the blue ink resulting in a stain. Thinking I would just soak the shirt, Paul suggested drawing out the ink using hairspray.

With the hairspray bottle in hand, I sprayed the soiled section, waited a few moments to activate, and then I pressed down paper towels on the spot. With each treatment, the stain became less visible until it disappeared after the fourth round.

Though I’m sure the OxiClean would have worked, I liked the immediate result of using hairspray when removing ink stains. Upon laundering, I found my shirt without ink or any residue from the hairspray. 🙂

In using time wisely, I spent less than 5 minutes removing ink stains from my shirt. If you find a stray ink mark on your clothing from a 2-year-old, test out the hairspray trick to save you money, energy, and time. Happy stain lifting!

Question: How do you remove ink stains? 

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