2013: Thanksgiving Printable Activities


Photograph Credit: Gift of Curiosity

Wow, the world of printable packs has burst wide open with so many bloggers offering FREE Thanksgiving printable activities.

Since the list was getting quite long, I chose to dedicate an entire post to highlight these FREE printable activities.

I focused on the truly FREE printable packs. There were many options, but some required signing up for a newsletter, mailing list, or membership.

Of the printable packs chosen, most are designed for ages 2-7. But I found some of them quite interesting, and I am a tad bit out of the 2-7 age range. 😉 Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Printable Activities

1. The Pilgrims at Plymouth

The Pilgrims at Plymouth pack by Lauren Hill at Mama’s Learning Corner is one of my favorites as Miss 6 just finished this unit study in 1st grade. This pack is 18 pages and designed for 1st-3rd graders.

2. Notebook Pages and Activities

The Thanksgiving Notebook Pages and Activities pack by Betsy at Notebooking Nook offers a variety of handwriting practice. The Thanksgiving poetry included is great for beginning writers to copy the poems on the lined pages.

3. Mini Books

The Thanksgiving pack by Crystal Brothers at Serving Joyfully includes two mini books. The first is pre-printed for reading, and the second gives the writer space to write for what he or she is thankful.

This printable pack is FREE, but requires a “like” on Facebook in order to download. I used my junk Facebook account to get the FREE download.

4. Gratitude Journal

The gratitude journal by Stacie Nelson at Motherhood on a Dime offers a place to record your thankfulness highlighting one nugget each day for 30 days. The printable sheets can be cut and bound or stapled for a keepsake.

5. Hymn Study Unit

Sarah at Homeschool Giveaways and Freebies created a wonderful Thanksgiving hymn study unit. This resource includes 12 hymns, the history of each writer, and printable sheet music.

6. History of the First Thanksgiving

The History of the First Thanksgiving pack is another resource by Lauren Hill at Mama’s Learning Corner. This unit study includes a list of children’s Thanksgiving books. In encouraging children to read, parents have a starting point for discovering a different perspective from what we celebrate today.

7. Various Activities

The Thanksgiving pack created by Erin at Royal, Baloo, and Logi-Bear Too provides addition and subtraction practice along with lots of other activities for students ages Kindergarten to 2nd grade.

8. Multi-sensory Activities and Links to many more Thanksgiving Printable Packs

Not only has Katie at Gift of Curiosity created a wonderful Thanksgiving pack for ages 2-7, but she has also posted a roundup of FREE Thanksgiving printable activities.

I am very grateful for Katie contacting me when she releases a new printable pack, so I can share her hard work with you. These packages are well done and provide lots of practice for little ones.

In approaching Thanksgiving, these wonderful resources provide practice, fun, and learning opportunities focused on why we celebrate this holiday. From math, reading, writing, and history, these printable packs offer hours of opportunity.

With my children out of school during Thanksgiving week, these printable activities should keep my crafty Miss 6 occupied for a little while. 😉 Reinforcing her study of the Pilgrims, I hope she will enjoy the games, printing practice, and reading focused on Thanksgiving while using time wisely. Happy learning!

Question: What types of resources do you find interesting around the holidays?

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