Blue’s Clues Birthday Party – Part 2 of 3

Blue's Clues birthday partyLast week I shared how Paul and I chose our toddler’s 2-year-old birthday party theme of Blue’s Clues. After making the theme choice, I had more decisions to make.

Since my two older children had a Blue’s Clues party for their first birthday, I had many items. However, I had no games. With my toddler joining in the games of her older siblings, we had to have a game of Blue’s Clues.

For those unfamiliar with this children’s program, Blue is a female dog that does not talk. To get her idea across, she marks three clues with her paw print to help us find the answer. Each segment follows the same basic sequence with the clues changing from episode to episode. The repetition is fantastic for learning sequence and order.

Keeping the guest list to our family, extended family, and one close friend’s family, I planned the following 2-hour morning birthday party for 8 adults and 6 children (ages 2 to 6):

Blue’s Clues Birthday Party Itinerary

Welcome. Greet each guest as she arrives, and escort to the living room to play or color Blue’s Clues coloring pages.

Games – Part 1 of 3. When all the guests arrive, the games will begin.

1. Find the First Clue: In determining what Blue wants to do today, we will need to play Blue’s Clues. With the first clue hidden, the participants will search for Blue’s Clue. Once found, we will add the clue to our handy-dandy notebook.

2. Hide and Seek Blue: Prior to the party, I will hide six different Blue’s Clues items (2 figurines, 2 stuffed animals, and 2 bath mitts). Each participant will seek one item.

Lunch. The table settings will include name cards for each child. The adults will help serve the children in the dining room and then relax and eat in the living room.

The menu:

  • Ham and cheese sandwiches
  • Chips and dip
  • Carrots, celery, and olives
  • Fruit salad: strawberries, cantaloupe, and bananas

Games – Part 2 of 3.          

3. Pin the Paw on Blue: I will cut out 6 paw prints and write one participant’s name on each one. After blindfolding one child, he will turn around and placed the paw on the printout. The younger participants will either close their eyes or just stick the paw print on Blue.

Open Presents.

Games – Part 3 of 3.

4. Find the Second Clue: Another paw print is hidden. When the participants find it, we will draw that clue into our handy-dandy notebook.

5. Find the Third Clue: The participants will find the last paw print. We will add the last clue to our handy-dandy notebook and decipher Blue’s Clues.

Sing, Blow Candle, and Cake.

Thank you and Goody Bags.

Play with new toys and goody bag items.

With the itinerary set and most of the decorations unpacked, I waited for help to arrive before decorating the space and preparing the food.

With a plan in place, I scheduled time for play, games, food, other games, presents, more games, dessert, thankfulness, and goody bags. Next week in Part 3, I will finish this Blue’s Clues birthday party series with our execution of the planned itinerary.

Question: How detailed do you plan for a child’s birthday party?

2 comments to Blue’s Clues Birthday Party – Part 2 of 3

  • Jen

    great job! i find kids parties a little stressful to plan and to be honest we usually end up paying to go somewhere to let the party planners worry about the details 🙂 sounds like a great party!

    • It helps when we repeat themes because I gather ideas from year to year. Thanks to daily deal sites that offer deals for 50% or more off packages, my two older children will get their parties at a local bounce house. I could not beat the $80 price for 10 kids which includes cake, ice cream, pizza, drinks, goody bags, and 2 hours of jumping. This party package usually costs $160, so I purchased two which was like buy one, get one free. 🙂 Because I knew this was the only birthday party I had to plan, I went all out. It was lots of fun. I will share the pictures next week.