Long-Term Disability Insurance

Insurance File - Box 2 of Important DocumentsToday is monumental – the last category in Box 2 of our important documents! Though these last two categories (short-term and long-term disability) only hold a few documents, I keep them separate due to different types of policies. Also, should claims get filed, I need space to keep all the documentation for proof of submission.

Kept within the eleventh file opening are the documents for our long-term disability insurance which makes up our ninth and last category in our insurance filing system. 🙂

Long-Term Disability Insurance


Similar to our short-term disability, our long-term disability insurance policies protect Paul’s paycheck should he become disabled. Paul’s employer offers a basic long-term disability policy free of charge to all active employees. This benefit has basic coverage, but we choose to pay for supplemental long-term disability which provides at least 65% of Paul’s covered pre-disability earnings.

Our long-term disability policies work together and begin on day 90 of Paul’s disability. Should Paul become disabled, our family would receive compensation beginning on day 7 with short-term disability and then transfer to long-term disability on day 91.


For these policies, I keep the following documents in this eleventh file opening of our insurance file box:

Summary Page

This one-page document has the administrator’s contact information and instructions for filing claims.


From the employer’s web site, I downloaded (and still need to print out) these two policies. I do keep a record of these links in this file opening.


Since Paul’s employer holds these policies, we do not have personal policy numbers. If we need to file a claim, Paul’s benefits’ office has specific instructions and deadlines for submitting documentation. I have included these instructions to make finding the information quick.

All these documents make up the ninth category of our insurance documents. Remember your file will hold your documents which may or may not include all these items.

If you have a long-term disability policy, then gather those documents and place them in this file opening. If you don’t have this policy and hope to have one in the future, then create a label and leave an empty space in your file.

All the categories are now complete. Yeah!

However, I have other documents in the last section of this file. My accordion file offers a front and back opening without a slot for a label. Usually I keep these pockets empty, but we had some unusual documents. I will share that information with you next week. In the meantime, keep up the good work, and happy organizing!

Question: How is your document organization coming along?