Major Medical: Benefits Guide

If you are just starting to organize your important documents, you may want to start at the beginning. This series began with Box 1, and today’s post completes category 3 of Box 2.

Under the category of Major Medical, our summary page and identification card information resides in the fifth file opening of an accordion filing system.

The other items housed in this file slot are the benefits guide and correspondence.

Note: My filing system will look different from your system because our lives, policies, and documents are not the same. I share my organizational structure with you as a guide to organizing your documents. Please adjust this system to meet your needs.

Benefits Guide

This booklet (250+ pages) includes explanation of benefits, premium amounts, contact information, and an overview of the health plans and other benefits offered through my husband’s employer. When I question our benefits, I consult this guide for the answer or the contact number for the department to ask.


If we receive any notices or changes to our major medical policy, I would add them to this file. At this time, I keep in this file our COBRA Initial Notification Memo. Should we ever lose our health insurance, this memo proves that our family is eligible for COBRA insurance.

In adding our Insurance Benefits Guide and correspondence to our file, our major medical category in Box 2 of our important insurance documents is complete. Keeping similar documents together with staples or paper clips makes retrieval quick and easy.

In using time wisely, I paper clip our documents and label the categories. Find a system that works for you, and stay consistent throughout your files. You’ll be glad you did. Happy organizing!

Major Medical: Identification Cards

After taking a break last week to request our credit reports, it is time to begin another category in our document organization.

Working through our insurance paperwork in Box 2, we have completed the first two categories: Personal Insurance Documents and Life Insurance.

The third category housed in one file opening is major medical insurance. Located within this file slot of my box are the following documents:

  • Summary page
  • Identification cards
  • Benefits Guide
  • Correspondence

Summary Page

Like every other file opening in my insurance box, I keep a copy of the summary page at the front of this file. This page holds the contact information, account numbers, and instructions for filing claims.

Identification Cards

After the summary page, I keep these documents paper clipped together:

    • Copies of the front and back of our major medical identification cards
    • Paperwork sent with the identification cards
    • Website information with my username and passwords

I carry my insurance card with me, but the copies stay in this file. Should my purse get stolen or lost, I will get this  information and contact the insurance company to report the problem and ask for new cards.

If you carry major medical insurance or discount medical cards, then consider putting these documents in a safe place. You never know when you might need to contact the company or request new cards. Happy organizing!

Question: Does your insurance company still use your social security number as identification?