2014: Teacher Appreciation Week

2014: Teacher Appreciation Week

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Though the official Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 6, 2014, many schools celebrate a Teacher Appreciation Week.

Having celebrated an early Teacher Appreciation Week earlier this year, we had a jump start.

Our school chose to honor our teachers during a week in March.

The school committee provided beverages, snacks, and goodies throughout the week to all faculty, staff, and administrators.

On Wednesday of that week, the teachers were treated to a luncheon while their classes were watched by room moms and parent volunteers.

During our Teacher Appreciation Week, we showered my son’s teacher with these tangible acts of gratitude:

2014: Teacher Appreciation WeekMonday: Homemade card written by Mr. 8

Tuesday: Fresh loaf of homemade sourdough bread

Wednesday: Package of our favorite homemade chocolate chip cookies

Thursday:  Potted plant with 3 tulips beginning to bud

Friday: Container of our homemade chocolate-covered peanut butter crackers

In addition to these gifts, I wrote her a thank you note, watched her class during lunch and recess at the beginning of the fourth quarter, and I directed the third grade history fair program.

If you have the gift of time, then many teachers would love the extra help. From making copies to organizing a field trip, teachers have much to do and help is usually appreciated.

Other options for teacher gifts include preparing a meal, purchasing a gift card, organizing a group gift, providing an after-school snack, ordering a special book for her or her classroom, bringing supplies for a classroom project, or presenting a personal gift that your child’s teacher collects.

If you are blessed with a wonderful teacher, then please embrace and encourage her. Teachers have a difficult job motivating their students, partnering with parents, and working with their supervisors.

With the official Teacher Appreciation Day on Tuesday, May 6, celebrate the great teachers who are molding and shaping your student this school year. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Question: When is your Teacher Appreciation Week?

Early Teacher Appreciation Week

 Early Teacher Appreciation Week

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Officially scheduled for the week of May 5 – 9, Teacher Appreciation Week came early for us due to Miss 6’s teacher’s early retirement.

Her teacher is expecting her first child in April, and Friday was her last school day. Therefore, we celebrated an early Teacher Appreciation Week, Monday through Friday.

Making our teachers feel special is not as difficult as it sounds. By listening and paying attention to their likes and hobbies, we can put together a mini-celebration each day of the week to show our appreciation for the hours invested into their students.

Our early Teacher Appreciation Week centered around our teacher’s upcoming delivery and her previous requests:  Early Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday: Homemade card, actually a booklet, made by Miss 6

Tuesday: Wrapped baby outfit, size 3-6 months, with a thank you card from me

Wednesday: Wrapped board book about shapes to start her child’s library

Thursday: Lunch from one of her favorite restaurants picked up and delivered to school by Paul

Friday: Homemade chocolate chip cookies with the recipe that she requested from a previously delivered batch of cookies

We tailored our gifts toward our teacher’s needs and wants. Other options could have included favorite candy, a gift card, a collectible, watching the class for a lunch period, scheduling a field trip, or any other task that would give her a break.

Even though Miss 6’s teacher missed the official Teacher Appreciation Week, we made sure she received the same attention she would have gotten had she remained at school.

Teachers have a difficult job balancing educating the children, partnering with parents, and staying within the bounds of the administration.

When you get a great teacher, it is easy to take them for granted. Love on those excellent teachers as they are jewels and need your encouragement.

If you have Teacher Appreciation Week coming up in May and are unsure about how to celebrate, start noticing your teacher’s hobbies and interests. In using time wisely, you will discover more about these special people.

Once you get some ideas, you will soon find your own way to showing your appreciation. Happy observing!

Question: When is your Teacher Appreciation Week?

Wedding: Free Just Married Sign

Wedding: Free Just Married Sign

Photograph Credit: Progressive

Remembering all too well the months of planning, taste testing, and choosing colors and styles for our wedding day, I know the hours of searching to make those moments perfect to prevent surprises on the big day.

If you know of a bridal couple, then consider passing along this information to the best man. This is one surprise that the bride won’t mind. 🙂

Progressive Insurance Company is offering a free Just Married Sign for the couple’s getaway vehicle.

Besides a great car decoration, this sign would be a great conversation starter in their home. I would have loved to have one of these in our first apartment.

Having passed this information along to a friend, I thought you might know of others who could benefit as well.

For those planning weddings, my heart goes out to you. I know all details can seem daunting, but one section at a time adds up to a beautiful representation. Enjoy the process as it really is a special time. Happy celebrating!

Question: Is a wedding in your future for either yourself, friend, or family member? 

Keep the Framework, but Adjust the Shape

Keep the framework, but adjust the shapeIn reading my devotional on Sunday from JESUS CALLING, I was struck by the following sentences:

Although each day contains twenty-four hours, every single one presents a unique set of circumstances. Don’t try to force-fit today into yesterday’s mold.

As I thought about my days and how I am always rearranging my routines, I realized that I need to keep the framework, but adjust the shape of my days.

Continuing that train of thought, I considered how I plan events. I usually begin with the same framework, but then adjust the activities based on the theme or purpose. The section pieces will remain, but I can rearrange them for a different feel depending on setting, activities, and food involved.

In using time wisely, keep the framework, but adjust the shape to plan successful events. Just because the shape fit a birthday party does not mean it will work for a bridal shower. The mold changes, but the organization can meld with the creative for a successful event. Happy shaping!

Question: How do you keep the framework, but adjust the shape for your events?

Planning for Success: Register Community Events – Day 29

Planning for success - Day 29

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Knowing that a successful year will not materialize on its own, we must plan and prepare for a prosperous 2013.

Throughout the 31 days of January, I will choose one topic each day to prepare or schedule for this year.

Without preparation, I know I will forget, miss, or overlook certain items. If you desire an organized year, then join me in this adventure of Planning for Success for a prosperous 2013.

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Day 29: Register Community Events

Our month of planning for success is winding down. Though I am far from completing my calendar for the year, I have a great start with reminders along the way.

Usually, I do not care to get reminders from others. Those doctor appointment calls and e-mails waste my time. If I confirm once, then I’m coming. I really don’t need the additional reminders a week before or day before. Ah . . . OK, stepping down from my soap box now. 😉

In our event category this month, we have selected a planning tool, set our school and work activities, included holidays, and chosen event dates. In ending this planning for success event section, I register community events. These events include the following:


From retreats to seminars, record registration deadlines for these activities.

Clinics and Classes

Applying early for events, even the free ones like Lowe’s Build and Grow, reserves your spot in the class. Some of our classes are through the zoo, art museums, science centers, and private organizations. Usually these events are first come, first serve, so register early.


If you register for swim, musical instrument, sports, or other private lessons, record the registration dates and times for best availability.


Meeting enrollment deadlines during the discount period saves my family money, energy, and time. Without wondering about available space, my children’s spots are reserved when payment is received. Adding these dates to the calendar gets me moving.

If you apply for financial aid, then also include that deadline date on your planning tool.


In our household, we register for soccer season. As I get registration information, these dates are placed on my calendar to get on the same team and prevent paying more after the early bird deadline.

Summer Camps

My daughter is so excited about going to art camp this year. She turned 5 years old after the cutoff date last year, so she is thrilled to finally go. Knowing how excited she is, I am waiting for registration to open and will enroll her as soon as the information is released.

Other camps might include sports, fine arts, zoo, and day camp. As you get the information, add the deadlines to your calendar to prevent tears and disappointment this summer.

In planning for success, register community events early to save money, energy, and time. I have been saved many times by these reminders to myself. I even go so far as to schedule reminders to check websites for information months in advance.

Continue using time wisely by spending a few moments to note registration dates. Besides increasing your chances of holding a space, you may also save money, energy, and time. Happy registering!

Question: How do you remember registration dates for community events?