Down on the Farm

Down on the FarmEarlier this week, my children and I went down on the farm with a group from our church. A family in our church purchased property and has begun raising chickens, pigs, and turkeys along with their cats and dog.

During our time at the farm, the day was beautiful with a gentle breeze. The children participated in wheelbarrow races, gunny sack hops, bobbing for apples, getting a hay ride, playing tug of war, and watching a group of older kids chase the pigs.

Delivering our lunch, the Chick-fil-A cow visited with the children. We enjoyed our lunch, the sweet watermelon, and the pie tasting contest. Though I chose the blueberry pie, the chocolate ended up winning.

Our time down on the farm was eventful. Miss 4 enjoyed seeing the bee hive, feeding the chickens her remaining watermelon, and watching the turkey. We hung out while Mr. 9 and Miss 6 were playing the games with their friends.

Down on the Farm  Down on the Farm

Spending time down on the farm ended with favorite memories of the pigs, the kitten, and stories of falling out of the wheelbarrows.

In following up with our visit, the printable packs from Katie at Gift of Curiosity reinforce our time down on the farm. Both her watermelon pack and farm themed package offer hours of fun while reviewing the memories made during our summer.

Down on the Farm    Down on the Farm

Photograph Credit: Gift of Curiosity

Usually our family limits visiting a farm to the fall season, but after this visit, we might need to return each season.

In using time wisely, we are enjoying different outings this summer which has kept my children on their toes. It’s fun trying to get them to figure out where we are going next. Happy summer fun!

Question: What new experience have you tried this summer?

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

027 with blurWith all the events we attend, sometimes the event promotion is better than the event itself. But other times, the event far exceeds our expectations. One such outstanding event occurred when our family went to a baseball game.

We are privileged to live near a minor league baseball franchise. Though we don’t go often, we do get to a couple of games each season.

When a package deal of 4 baseball tickets, 4 zoo tickets, 4 children’s museum passes, and 4 waterpark passes was sold for $40, we snagged the deal.

With friends purchasing the same deal and unable to attend the game, they graciously gave us their 4 unused tickets, so we did not need to purchase a 5th ticket. Woo hoo!

As I received the 4 tickets from my friend, I discovered that the tickets were only for lawn seats, which means one brings a blanket to sit in the grassy area. In preparing for the game, we decided to take two blankets.

Finding Parking

On the day of the game, we headed out to the ballpark early. This choice landed us a fantastic parking space at the front entrance with FREE parking. I was ecstatic that we did not have to pay $5 for parking, nor did we need to walk a great distance to the game.

Picking up our Tickets

Our night continued as I walked up to the will call desk to retrieve my $40 package. I was wearing a team shirt that we received for FREE at a game last year. As I gave my name to the attendant, I was asked if I wanted to upgrade from the lawn to seats.

I could not get “of course” out of my mouth fast enough. On top of exchanging my tickets, the attendant also exchanged my other 4 tickets for seats in the same section.

We had not even entered the ballpark, and I was excited. We had found FREE parking and received FREE upgraded seats. I thought the night was perfect before we even got started.

Finding our Seats

As we entered the ballpark with our tickets, we found that our upgraded seats were behind home plate. We were out of the sun, had the row to ourselves, and a great view of the game. We settled in and saw many friends who also had purchased the $40 deal.

Seeing a couple we knew who were standing in the upper levels, I approached them and offered them our other tickets which they readily accepted. They were thrilled with finding a FREE parking spot and then getting these upgraded tickets.

Watching with Professionals

Getting ready for the game, we visited with friends and then watched as a few gentlemen camped out behind us. They had a radar gun, stat sheets, and clipboards. Thinking they were scouts, we listened to them. Mr. 9 came down to sit next me as we tried to figure out who they were.

Finding a break in their conversation, I asked and found out that two of the gentlemen were pitchers for the home team just charting the game. Another gentleman further down the row was a Braves’ scout. Well, my husband and son were wearing their Braves’ hats.

The scout kindly gave Mr. 9 a baseball. Not knowing who the scout was, we asked the pitchers to sign it which they did between innings. They were so nice.

Later, when I made it down the row, I spoke with the Braves’ scout and learned he was Lloyd Merritt. Not knowing who he was, I just thanked him for his gift to my son.

During the game, we were able to purchase drinks and cotton candy with a gift card. By the end of the night, we had spent less than $10 for a great family outing.

After watching a high-scoring game where the away team beat the home team, we headed home. It had been a great night at the ballpark, but we were ready for some rest.

Researching at Home

Once the kids were settled down, I hopped on the Internet to look up Mr. Merritt. From a Swag Bucks search, I discovered that Mr. Merritt is a retired St. Louis pitcher and current Braves’ scout. (This article is a bit out of date since Mr. Merritt is currently a Braves’ scout. It’s nice to know a bit more than the experts. 🙂 ) Grateful for his gift, Paul and I both messaged Mr. Merritt on his Facebook page to express in writing our appreciation.

When we purchased the $40 deal, I thought we were getting a great deal. After only using the first 4 tickets, we might have purchased the amazing experience.

I’m not sure we can match that game, but we are definitely up for the challenge.  With my children meeting their summer reading goals, I know we will be headed back this summer and ready for more action along with hearing the invitation to take me out to the ballgame. Happy summer!

Question: Have you had a highlight this summer? 

7-Eleven: FREE Small Slurpee – July 11, 2014

7-Eleven: FREE Small Slurpee – July 11, 2014

Photograph Credit: 7-Eleven

Looks like Friday, July 11, 2014, is a great day to run errands. On 7-Eleven Day, participating 7-Eleven locations will offer guests a FREE small slurpee from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. only on 7/11/14.

In the past, we did not have a participating 7-Eleven around town, but that is not the case now. Yay!

With temperatures consistently in the 90’s this week, we would welcome a cold slurpee on these hot summer days. Mark your calendar, and check for a participating location near you.

In addition to the FREE small slurpee, 7-Eleven invites you to receive their app and get FREE offers from July 12 -18. Just text 711711 to get daily updates on 7-Eleven Week.

7-Eleven: FREE Small Slurpee – July 11, 2014

Photograph Credit: 7-Eleven

Stay cool this summer with great offers like 7-Eleven Day where each guest gets a FREE small slurpee. Happy slurping!

Question: What is your favorite slurpee flavor?

2014: AMC’s Summer Movies

2014: AMC’s Summer Movies

Photograph Credit: AMC

Stretching out these long summer days, AMC’s Summer Movies provide an affordable activity for winding down the evening.

With 100% of the proceeds going to charity, AMC’s promotion benefits the Will Rogers Institute and the Autism Society of America.

AMC’s summer movies show every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday ONLY at the 9:30 p.m showing.

For the 9:30 p.m. showing only, the cost is $3 per ticket.

The schedule for AMC’s Summer Movies is as follows:

June 23-25: Anchorman 2 (PG-13)

June 30-July 2: Hunger Games: Catching Fire (PG-13)

July 7-9: Non-Stop (PG-13)

July 14-16: RoboCop (PG-13)

July 21-23: 300: Rise of an Empire (R)

July 28-30: Pompeii (PG-13)

August 4-6: Need for Speed (PG-13)

August 11-13: Ride Along (PG-13)

Though these showtimes are recorded on their website, check the listing for your local AMC’s participation and to purchase tickets.

Keep on using time wisely while enjoying these long summer days and nights. Happy planning!

Question: How often does your family watch a movie at the theater?

National Boating and Fishing Week – June 1-8, 2014

National Boating and Fishing Week – June 1-8, 2014

Photograph Credit: Take Me Fishing

Every year during the first week of June, national boating and fishing week commences.

Many states offer FREE fishing days where no licenses are required.

These days are great for testing how likely you would return to see if a fishing license is worth the cost for your family.

If you are interested, check with your local parks or lakes to see if any community events are planned for this week.

May you enjoy the great outdoors during this upcoming week. Happy exploring!

Happy National Boating and Fishing Week