Pizza Hut: Book It Rewards

Pizza Hut: Book It RewardsIn challenging my school-aged children to meet their monthly reading goals, they earn Pizza Hut’s Book It rewards.

Pizza Hut Book It Rewards for my Family

Since my son was in K5, he has met each reading goal resulting in about 24 certificates from his teachers with each redeemed for a FREE personal pan pizza.

The first year of participation (2010), I adhered to the expiration date on each certificate. As each coupon states it expires at the end of the month granted, we used the coupons each month.

When my son went into first grade (2011), his teacher indicated that multiple vouchers could be used at the same time. Checking with two local Pizza Hut locations, I verified that we could use multiple coupons in one transaction.

Last year (2011-2012), my son saved up his coupons all year and treated our family to a pizza dinner after a soccer game. He was so excited to provide the meal with his hard-earned coupons. We were very appreciative of his hard work and willingness to share his reward with us.

Pizza Hut: Book It Rewards

This year (2012-2013), both my son (2nd grade) and my daughter (K5) earned Book It coupons. We saved them up. On the Friday half days of school, we picked up pizzas and ate them at our local jump zone before playing all afternoon. My daughter was very excited to participate this year as she waited her turn to earn the coupons.

In using time wisely to invest in my children’s reading, our family benefits from the coupons earned. In saving our coupons to provide a meal for the family, we enjoy an outing while stretching our dollars.

Pizza Hut Book It Rewards for You

School Program

If your school does not participate in the FREE Pizza Hut Book It program, then pass along the Book It website information to your school’s administration.

Homeschool Program

For those of you who homeschool, your registration is currently open through September 1, 2013. Each family will need to register for the coupon booklets. The FREE Book It program is for children in kindergarten through 6th grade.

Heads Up on a NEW Summer Reading Series

With summer on the horizon and at least 14 summer reading programs available, I will take the next 2 weeks to highlight one summer reading program a day. Reading is a fundamental in life, and so many organizations are willing to reward our readers this summer.

I encourage my children and desire to develop a love of learning through reading. As the number of programs increase with different requirements and rewards, I will invest my time to research these options to focus on one each day. At the end of the 2 weeks, I will pick up where I left off on the documents and coupon series.

As you continue encouraging a lifetime of learning, the Pizza Hut Book It program partners with parents and teachers by offering rewards for reaching those goals. If you do not have a child within this age group, you may know of a family, relative, or friend who may benefit. Feel free to pass along this information to help them in encouraging reading while stretching their dollars. Happy savings!

Question: Does your family benefit from the Pizza Hut Book It program?

Six Flags: Read to Succeed – Earn a Free Ticket

Six Flags: Read to Succeed program

Photograph Credit: Read to Succeed

With summer reading programs complete, your scholar may need some encouragement to reach those reading minute goals. Though my children enjoy reading, the extra rewards reinforce their efforts.

The Six Flags Read to Succeed program seeks to motivate students from Kindergarten to 6th grade to read for fun. Students who log 6 hours of recreational reading earn one admission ticket to a Six Flags Theme Park. The reading must not be homework, class assignments, or school-related to encourage reading for fun.

Who is Eligible?

Kindergarten through 6th grade students who attend a school within a 250-mile radius of a Six Flags Theme Park are eligible. The school must register and teachers who submit at least one student to the program will earn a free admission ticket.

How to Register?

To participate in the Read to Succeed program for 2012 – 2013, all teachers and school coordinators need to register by visiting the Read to Succeed website. Click Register for a new account, and follow the prompts.

For more information, visit the Six Flags Read to Succeed Frequently Asked Questions page.

If your child qualifies for the Read to Succeed program and your school does not participate, then forward this post to your child’s teacher or administrator.

In using time wisely to instill a love of learning, the Read to Succeed program offers a great prize. Happy reading!

Question: Do you prefer a roller coaster or train ride?

Pizza Hut’s Book It Program

Pizza Hut's Book It Program

Photograph Credit: Pizza Hut

My son’s class participates in Pizza Hut’s Book It Program. His teacher assigns an amount of reading time to be completed during the month (i.e. 300 minutes).

Each day I log the amount of time Hubby and I have read to him. At the end of the month, I add up the minutes and submit my son’s reading log back to his teacher.

When we meet the set goal (i.e. 300 minutes), his teacher sends home a Book It coupon. We can then take the coupon to any Pizza Hut and receive a free one-topping personal pan pizza during that month.

Not only does my son enjoy his pizza, he also sees the rewards of reading. My daughter is also excited about joining the reading program because she would really like to have her own pizza.

I usually hang on to the coupon and use it on a day we need to stay at school.  When that day arrives, I will redeem the Book It coupon at our local Pizza Hut. My son will eat his own personal pan pizza, and I will purchase a $6 full pizza pie for the girls and me to share.

This arrangement is a win-win situation. My kids enjoy eating lunch at school with their friends, and I enjoy a meal with my kids without breaking the family budget.