2014 Summer Reading: Series Recap

2014 Summer Reading: Series Recap

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Having focused on summer reading during most of June, one may have missed a post.

Seeing a listing of all the summer reading programs with links to more details is helpful to many.

In concluding this series, the following list includes all the posts, listed alphabetically.

I have also linked to the post with the summer reading deadlines to help us in using time wisely. Enjoy this series recap!

Summer Reading Programs

    1. Barnes and Noble
    2. Books-A-Million
    3. Chuck E. Cheese
    4. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library
    5. Everyday Snapshots
    6. Education.com
    7. Half Price Books
    8. H-E-Buddy
    9. Junie B. Jones
    10. Pizza Hut BOOK IT!
    11. Pottery Barn Kids
    12. Public Library System
    13. Scholastic
    14. Showcase Cinemas
    15. Simon Kidgits Club
    16. Sylvan
    17. TD Bank

Summer Reading Program Deadlines

Program Deadlines

Happy summer reading!

2014 Summer Reading: Program Deadlines

2014 Summer Reading: Program Deadlines

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With over 15 different summer reading programs, I need to know the program deadlines to keep me on track.

Desiring to participate in as many programs as possible, I keep a master record of the books each child has read.

Using that list, I fill out or assist my child filling out the needed forms or logs to redeem his or her summer reading reward.

In using time wisely, we record the same book to multiple programs.

By far, the requirements for our library’s program exceed the requirements of all the other offers. Our library requirements are 48 books or 12 hours.

To keep us organized and on-track to prevent missing a great opportunity, the following is a listing of the 2014 summer reading program deadlines:

June 30

Everyday Snapshots

July 6

Half Price Books Feed the Brain – June log

July 26

Public Library System Summer Reading (this varies by location)

July 31

Pottery Barn Kids Summer Reading Challenge

August 10

Half Price Books Feed the Brain – July log

August 13

Showcase Cinemas’ Bookworm Wednesdays

August 15

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Spark Your Greatness

August 16

Books-A-Million Summer Reading Program

August 31

TD Bank Summer Reading Program

September 2

Barnes & Noble Imagination Destination

September 5

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

October 1

H-E-Buddy Summer Reading Club

December 31

Chuck E. Cheese Summer Reading

Varies by Location


Child’s 6th Birthday

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

If your summer is as packed as ours, then I know squeezing in summer reading requires some creativity. Knowing the value of keeping our kids reading, we press on. Knowing our deadlines gives us a goal to track our progress.

In using time wisely, keep exploring, discovering, playing, and reading this summer. July is right around the corner, and there is still so much swimming, playing, and reading to do. Happy summer reading!

Request: Please add any summer reading programs I missed to the comments with either a link or as many details as possible. Thanks!

2014 Summer Reading: TD Bank

2014 Summer Reading: TD Bank

Photograph Credit: TD Bank

Money, money, money!

Yes, this last summer reading program in our series encourages children to read and rewards with money.

In 2013, this program had 35,845 participants, who read 358,450 books, and earned a total of $358,450.

Those are impressive numbers. Sorry, parents, this program is for kids.

If your reader is asking for cash and looking for ways to earn more money, then encourage him or her to read and participate in the TD Bank Summer Reading Program.

TD Bank Summer Reading Program


Children in Kindergarten to Grade 5 are encouraged to participate.

Program Length

This program is valid June 1, 2014 through August 31, 2014.


Encourage children to sharpen their reading and money-saving skills.


Read 10 books this summer, print the Summer Reading Form, and record the titles read on the form.


Take the completed Summer Reading Form to your nearest TD Bank.


Submit your form to receive a $10 deposit into a new or existing Young Saver account.

When children bring in their completed Summer Reading form, TD Bank employees can show them how to fill out the personal savings chart and make their $10 Summer Reading reward grow.

TD Bank Summer Reading Program Benefits

Earning an extra $10 for reading is perfect for current TD Bank customers. For those who do not have an account at TD Bank, the adult will need an account before a Young Saver account is issued.

The Young Saver accounts (where the $10 reward is deposited) are for minors and must be linked to a parent’s account. To open a new account at TD Bank, you will need, at the minimum, your driver’s license, Social Security card, and agree to have a credit check.

If you choose this program, the $10 deposit is a wonderful reward for reading 10 books. Teaching children how to manage money starts when they are young. The TD Bank Summer Reading Program aims to encourage children to read and manage their money well.

We have reached the last summer reading program in our series. With so many options, I trust your family can find a variety of ways to encourage lifelong readers. Some of these programs have changed since 2013, but the opportunities for reading and earning awards abound.

In using time wisely, keep one reading list and use that list for multiple programs. More on that topic is coming tomorrow. Happy summer reading!

More 2014 summer reading programs:

2014 Summer Reading: Sylvan

2014 Summer Reading: Sylvan

Photograph Credit: Sylvan

Working through these summer reading programs, we are in the homestretch.

The next program started after research confirmed that less than 33% of students were reading at or above grade level by fourth grade.

Recognizing a need to motivate students to read, the Sylvan Book Adventure launched in 1999.

This year-long program can continue far beyond summer reading as students keep earning rewards. If you are not registered with this program, then start with summer reading with Sylvan Book Adventure.

Sylvan Book Adventure


Readers in kindergarten through grade 8 who register and are assigned to either a teacher or parent account are eligible. Both parents and students need to register for recording and prize redemption.

Program Length

As this program is on-going, this program is not limited to summer reading.


Help kids learn to love reading through interactive tools, games, and motivational rewards.


Children read books they’ve found on Book Adventure and take a quiz at Quiz-O-Matic to test their knowledge and comprehension of the story.

Each quiz contains either five (grades K-2) or ten (grades 3-8) questions. Readers earn points toward great prizes based on the number of questions answered correctly.

Because children must score at least a 90% (80% for K-2 grade level books) to earn points, they can take a quiz more than once. Their results are recorded and rewarded points based on the highest score your child earns on each quiz.


When a student has earned enough points for the prize of their choice, they request the prize by clicking on the “I want to get this prize” button located on the prize description page.

Once a prize is requested, the child’s parent or teacher will be notified via email so the prize can be approved. Parents and teachers can approve or deny any of these requests.

Once approved, a student can claim their prize by logging into their Book Adventure account and viewing the prize status page. Depending on the prize, the student will be able to either directly print the prize or a prize certificate that must be mailed away to the prize sponsor.


All prizes are generously provided by Book Adventure’s sponsors. Within the Prize Library, kids can search for a prize they’d like to win or exchange points for a prize they’ve earned by reading books and answering quiz questions correctly.

Sylvan Book Adventure Benefits

The Sylvan Book Adventure program focuses on those students who prefer to read online. The tricky part to this program is to monitor students to see that they are reading.

If I had used this program as a student, I would have quickly figured out how to skip the reading, jump to the quiz, figure out the answers, and win points. Of course, I don’t recommend this approach. However, the opportunity is there, and kids will figure it out.

In winding down our summer reading series, there is one more program to share. Tomorrow, I will bring you the last installment. Happy summer reading!

More 2014 summer reading programs:

2014 Summer Reading: Simon Kidgits Club

 2014 Summer Reading: Simon Kidgits Club

Photograph Credit: Simon Kidgits Club

Happy summer! Spent some time outdoors this weekend as we visited a ranch and watched horse riders perform for the audience.

The riders handled their horses well and showed the moves they learned during a week-long camp.

The visit to the ranch was our first. My father-in-law helps at the ranch, and we went to see some of the riders.

With so many activities in our area, we sometimes are torn between one activity and another.

Caught in the middle, we found ourselves overlooking the Simon Kidgits Club activities. Since we were not attending, we let our memberships expire, and none of my children have requested returning.

Though we are no longer members, the program continues. Calling our local Simon Kidgits Club, I discovered that they are not offering a summer reading program anymore. I am continuing to post this option as each Simon Kidgits Club offers local member benefits.

When our Simon Kidgits Club was run by an educator, the summer reading program was working well. That leader has since moved on, but other clubs may offer a summer reading program which is why I am including the option of the Simon Kidgits Club.

Simon Kidgits Club Summer Reading


No age specifications are given to join the Simon Kidgits Club. We have seen upper elementary age children at these events, but the activities are geared toward younger children.

Program Length

Varies by location as well as participation.


Encourage children to read this summer.


Valid Simon Kidgits membership is mandatory with other possible requirements. A Kidgits annual membership is $5 per child and includes admission to all events, a t-shirt, birthday gift, and more.

Some Simon Kidgits Clubs may not participate in a summer reading program.  When I called guest services at our Kidgits location, the representative stated no program was developed this year.

Disappointed, I made a suggestion that they consider reinstating it for next summer. Receiving feedback is one way that these clubs determine what programs to offer. If you want to see your club offer a program, then request it.


Check your local Kidgits Club for details.


Prizes are chosen by each Simon Kidgits Club.

Simon Kidgits Club Benefits

Our family found the Simon Kidgits Club worth the annual membership cost. Just the t-shirt and the birthday gift were exciting benefits with the activities a bonus. While members, my children received plates, books, games, musical instruments, and more from attending the events and winning the drawings.

Three years ago, our local club hosted a summer reading program. Members read 3 books, recorded the titles on a supplied-postcard form, and exchanged the complete form at guest services for a coupon for a FREE Chick-fil-A ice dream.

My children loved earning Chick-fil-A coupons, but our local Chick-fil-A’s have backed off providing coupons for summer reading. There are other business that would participate, and a simple call to your Simon Kidgits Club requesting a summer reading program might get the ball rolling. Happy summer reading!

More 2014 summer reading programs: