Small Acts of Kindness Make a Difference

Small Acts of Kindness Make a Difference

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Small acts of kindness make a difference.

Taking an interest in one of our state congress persons, I read her monthly newsletters and send her short e-mails agreeing or commenting on her updates.

She always responds back with a willingness to assist with any matters she oversees.

When sent an invitation to attend a Town Hall meeting prior to the election, I carved out time in my schedule to attend.

The event was poorly attended which allowed one-on-one time with her. Upon waiting behind a go-getter teenager with a number of questions and issues, my turn arrived.

This representative surprised me as she read my name tag and greeted me like an old friend. She thanked me numerous times for my e-mails and contact with her. She was eager to help me in any way I needed, but I was glad to meet her.

Realizing that reading her monthly e-mail and sending back a quick response spurred her on when the going got tough. Serving the community is not an easy task. She does the best she can, and I am thrilled to encourage her in her fight for our community and state.

As most of the elections have concluded, I hope you know of at least one elected official with whom you support and can encourage during their term. Consider the following communication methods:

  • Newsletter via e-mail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Blog

In using time wisely, my small investment made a big impact. Our representative sent a personal thank you note for attending her meeting which thrilled me. I reached out to encourage her, but she encouraged me through her response.

Life is busy for everyone. We all have choices, and we cannot be everything to everyone. However, we can encourage one. The time investment is small, but small acts of kindness make a difference. Happy encouraging!

Question: Do you get involved with politics?

Talk About Computer Issues

Talk About Computer Issues

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Thank you for your patience as I put blogging on hold during all of October and the beginning of November. This unannounced break occurred after my laptop refused to power up.

Talk about computer issues . . . my wonderful hubby transferred my documents to another machine.

Though all my files were saved, the replacement computer had issues which resulted in reloading multiple programs which took a number of days. Then I could not access some of my files due to the version of programs on that machine.

Anyway, it’s been a month and a half of issues. Though the issues are not completely resolved, I have a way to blog. It is not ideal, but it works.

I appreciate your understanding as I was using time wisely rather than waiting for a replacement computer to process slowly. Checking e-mail was a bit of a challenge some days, so I just put the blog on hold.

Post may not come daily, but they will come more often. Coming soon is a Thanksgiving giveaway which I hope you will enter and win.

Appreciate your continued support of Using Time Wisely as we journey together making choices that cause us to put good things on hold while focusing on the best. Happy choosing!

Question: What is currently on your “back-burner” while you focus on the immediate issues?

Back to the Basics with Simplicity

Back to the Basics with SimplicitySummer was busy! Did you have grand plans that were replaced by trips to the pool, cookouts with friends, and days packed with activity? We did. Summer was a wonderful time of closing out one chapter and preparing for the next.

In preparing and playing, I’ve gone back to the basics with simplicity. As my time was focused on planning our school year, I chose to take a break from the following:

  • Clipping coupons
  • Menu planning
  • Shopping at Publix and Bi-Lo
  • Gardening
  • Volunteering

Clipping Coupons

With piles of newspapers calling to me, I walked by them for two months without guilt as that season required an investment of time into my family. With other ways to save money and feed my family without clipping coupons year round, I kept adding to the pile until I finally tackled it last week.

In keeping it real, Paul clipped the coupons which remain in the basket as I have not transferred them to my binders as of yet. However, the piles are not taking over my stairs anymore. This is progress, folks, which is good.

Menu Planning

For July and August, I operated without a menu plan. Shocker, I know. Having used a menu planner for so long, I continued to think of dinner soon after breakfast. Knowing what I was planning to do took the pressure off at 4:30 p.m.

There were times when I was out of an ingredient and changed the meal, but overall, we adjusted just fine. When September began, I put the menu planner back up which I have missed on my refrigerator. It’s nice to be back in my routine.

Shopping at Publix and Bi-Lo

To stretch our dollars at the grocery store, I find the deepest discounts are found by pairing sales and coupons. Creating a list and matching coupons takes time. As my coupons are still in piles, I have chosen to limit shopping to Aldi for the lowest prices without sacrificing quality.


Another time-consuming activity that took a backseat this summer was caring for our garden. Without at least weekly care, the garden will not survive.

For the past couple of years, we have tried to grow our own vegetables. Though we had some success, I don’t have a green thumb. We had issues with worms and slugs, and then the rain last summer created a swamp for our plants and killed them.

Though missing our cucumbers, tomatoes, and strawberries, I do not miss the time investment of caring for the garden. Taking a break from the garden has been a wise choice for us this summer.


Becoming a spectator is not inline with my personality, but it was needed this summer. Freeing my schedule to focus on school has given me freedom to create and plan without a packed schedule and additional responsibilities. Without added obligations, I have found calm during this transition.

Knowing that this transition was coming, I was able to adjust and choose only the best things for this summer. Everything else was put to the side. As I discover and adjust our new routine, I can gradually add these other good things back into our lives.

Life is full of choices. Good things can drain you of your energy. Choosing only the best options gave me purpose this summer. In using time wisely, I only chose the essentials and saved the other opportunities for another season.

Going back to the basics with simplicity gave me smooth sailing this summer and started our school year with a plan to execute. During seasons of change, scaling back to the basic keeps you grounded. Happy prioritizing!

The Hidden Safe Place Mystery Update

The Hidden Safe Place Mystery Update

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In preparing for our school year, I was gathering our curriculum. Knowing we had the second grade Bible cards that my son used two years ago, I searched for the hidden safe place I put them. After going through our home, I came up empty.

Not wishing to give up too soon, I reached out those who I have exchanged or borrowed books from to see if I accidentally gave away our cards. When all the reports came back, I was left without the set of 32 cards.

In using time wisely, I cut my losses and purchased another set. Though I hate spending money replacing items I know I have/had, I needed the cards and invested the $20 into another set.

Now, some would not bat an eye at spending $20. However, it pained me to spend money on another set, but I had exhausted my options. My daughter needed these cards for 2nd grade, so the purchase was made.

I would love to find that hidden safe place. If those cards are in our home, then I’ve found the perfect hiding spot because I can’t find it. But if the cards were borrowed, then I hope that they found a good home and get lots of use.

Besides the thrill of having all the curricula gathered, I love the new cards. These are laminated which is an upgrade from the prior version’s cardstock paper. I’m thrilled with the better quality for the same price.

In using time wisely, sometimes making a purchase (even if it is a replacement) is the best use of time and resources. I’m not constantly looking or searching anymore which is a welcome result for our mystery.

If those original cards surface, then you will get to read a third installment. In the meantime, we are using our new cards without regretting purchasing a new pack.

Question: What have you replaced after searching without success? 

Sunoco: The FREE Fuel 5000 Online Decal Hunt

Sunoco: The FREE Fuel 5000 Online Decal Hunt

Photograph Credit: Sunoco

Though I don’t have an affiliate relationship with Sunoco, I am a customer and receive periodic e-mails from a loyal reader about Sunoco offers and deals.

If you have seen the Sunoco decal on my right sidebar, you might wonder why it is there. Well, this summer Sunoco is hosting the FREE Fuel 5000 Online Decal Hunt.

Since I have posted about Sunoco offers in the past, a Sunoco Representative sent me an invitation to participate. As I would love for one of my readers to win a prize from this promotion, I gladly registered and posted the decal to my sidebar.

Combining our Fuelperks! along with the savings at our Sunoco station, we are able to stretch our dollars at the pump. Though I have not been grocery shopping at Bi-Lo in quite some time, I still have this money-saving strategy in my arsenal.

If you want to post the Sunoco logo to your Facebook, Twitter, or blog, then feel free to click on the decal for more information. I will keep the decal up throughout the promotion which ends on August 31, 2014. Happy decal posting!

Comment: Please let me know if you win a prize. Good luck!