RoboForm: FREE Password Manager through April 13, 2014

RoboForm: FREE Password Manager through April 13, 2014

Photograph Credit: RoboForm

If you routinely register for freebies, enter in the same information on a routine basis, and/or you have many online account usernames and passwords to remember, then you would benefit from this FREE year-subscription to RoboForm.

RoboForm Everywhere is one of my favorite time-saving tools. I used the FREE version for a number of years.

Last fall, I found a deal to get a FREE lifetime subscription to RoboForm Everywhere which I snagged. I saw the deal with only an hour remaining, so I did not post it. Sorry!

Though this deal from is not for the lifetime subscription, it is for 1 year. You can try it out and see if it works for you. I have enjoyed the full-version after using the FREE version for so long.

With the FREE version, I only got 10 usernames and passwords. With the lifetime version and this FREE 1-year version, one gets unlimited logins.

RoboForm Explained

This software is a password manager. When you download the software to your computer or the app on your device, you will establish a master password. Think carefully, and do not lose this password as you cannot change it once you create it.

Once RoboForm is installed, just operate as usual on your computer or device. When you come to a login screen and enter your information, a pop-up window will ask if you want to save this information in Roboform.

You can then title that login. When you hit enter, you will need to type in your master password (the one you cannot change). Then that information is stored in your RoboForm directory.

I also save my standard information – name, address, phone number, junk e-mail, etc. – for filling in freebie forms. When I come to a registration or entry page, I just click on my name on the toolbar. I have saved my identity information in RoboForm to make requesting freebies only one click to completion.

RoboForm Accessed

To access RoboForm, you can click on the icon which may be in your top menu bar or on your desktop or use an extension in your browser. Before extensions, I used the icon on my task bar.

Task Bar Icon

If I remember correctly, I went to settings and selected “show lower RoboForm toolbar.” The RoboForm toolbar stays at the bottom of my screen when I am on the Internet. This way, I can easily access sites I need.

For example, when I want to search, I open a new tab, select “logins” on my RoboForm toolbar, choose SwagBucks (which is what I named my SwagBucks login information), and watch RoboForm log me into SwagBucks.

Extension Icon

Currently, I use the Google extension for RoboForm. Here, I also use the lower RoboForm toolbar. To select that option:

      1. Add the RoboForm for Google Chrome extension (see these instructions for adding extensions to Chrome)
      2. Once installed on your menu bar, right click the icon
      3. Select “options”
      4. Choose “Show lower RoboForm toolbar” and “Show lower RoboForm toolbar for popup windows”

The toolbar will now show at the bottom of your screen when you are on the Internet.

In using time wisely, I find RoboForm a valuable tool to save all my login information (usernames and passwords) in one place. To snag your FREE year subscription, go to SharewareOnSale and click on the turquoise-colored “Download it now” button. This FREE software is only available through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, April 13, 2014.

Once your yearly subscriptions ends, you can still keep the FREE version. Just pare down your logins to 10. I know that will be tough, but 10 is better than none. I will also keep an eye out for more RoboForm deals.

You won’t regret getting this software as you will save yourself so much time online with all your usernames and passwords at your fingertips. Go! Get it now!

Question: Do you keep the same password for all your accounts, or do you select different passwords for each account?

RSS: Discovering Google Reader Alternatives

RSS: Discovering Google Reader Alternatives

Photograph Credit: Google

If you are a Google Reader user, then you have seen the warnings that Google Reader is retiring on July 1, 2013. Believe me, I was not thrilled with Google’s choice to rid the reader from their services. Having used and recommended Google Reader for years, I was not looking forward to discovering Google Reader alternatives.

In all honesty, I have not found another reader like Google Reader. However, I tried these three options and give you my perspective on The Old Reader, Net Vibes, and Feedly.

Option #1: The Old Reader

From the reviews, I thought this option would be easy access and navigate. However, I logged in and could not figure out how to import the information from my Google Reader account.  After trying numerous times, I cut my losses and moved on to Net Vibes.

Option #2: Net Vibes

Logging into my Google account, I used these instructions to upload my Google Reader information. The process was easy, but I did not care for the navigation.

There was a lot of information which I could customize, but I did not care for all the bells and whistles. I was really disappointed to find no search option, and I preferred to try another option that worked on other devices beside my computer.

Discovering Google Reader Alternatives

Photograph Credit: Feedly

Option #3: Feedly

This app-based reader will work on phones, tablets, and computers. Though I do not have a smart phone or a tablet (yet), I plan to at sometime in the future.

To use this option, I had to grant them permission to view my information. This was a downside for me, but I keep limited information in that Google account which is why I used it.

In making the switch, I prefer to find one reader and stick with it. Feedly came recommended, and I found the import process extremely easy, like one-click easy.

Though there is not a search feature, I do like the save option which parallels with the star option in Google Reader. I am still learning the keystroke functions, but I am finding my way.

If you choose to use Feedly, I found these tips very helpful in coming from Google Reader. As I continue to read my favorite blog posts in Feedly, I get more familiar with it. I may even one day prefer it over Google Reader as Feedly has improved and is working on more features.

Discovering a Google Reader alternative may take some time. The goal right now is to use Google Takeout to download your information before July 1, 2013. With your information downloaded, you can try other readers to find one that works for you.

If you just are not sure about changing readers, then subscribe by e-mail to your favorite blogs. For Using Time Wisely, you will receive one e-mail each day that a post is published. All the posts from that day will appear in one e-mail. Happy discovering!

Question: How do you prefer to read your favorite blog posts? 

Facebook: Birthday Wishes via Notification E-mail and Event Tab

Facebook: Birthday wishes

Photograph Credit: Microsoft Images

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Seeing the value of the medium, I have accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. However, I have only dabbled with Facebook and am totally clueless as to Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Realizing how much of my time gets zapped when I just pop on to check Facebook, I choose to post my physical goal updates on Using Time Wisely while ignoring most of my personal contacts. Though I understand the need to connect to others, I choose to connect by sending birthday wishes.

In limiting my time on Facebook – because I have more important tasks to accomplish, I choose to have a birthday notification sent to be via e-mail, and I use the event tab to send all my birthday wishes while using time wisely.

Receiving Birthday Wishes via Notification E-mail

On Sunday afternoons, I receive an e-mail from Facebook listing all my friends celebrating a birthday in the next two weeks. I receive this notification by requesting it from Facebook:

    • Sign into your Facebook account.
    • Click on the gear button in the top right-hand corner.
    • Choose Account Settings.
    • Select Notifications on the left-hand sidebar.
    • Under How You Get Notifications, click the Edit button next to Email option.
    • Select All Notifications, Except the Ones You Unsubscribe From.
    • Choose Close.
    • Watch your email.

As you get notifications via email that you do not want, choose the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. As you weed out the notifications, you will keep the ones you need. If you later choose to reactivate a notification, you can go through the same steps above and choose the Turn On option for any unsubscribe notification you want.

Tip: If you use Google Calendar, How-to Geek provides step-by-step instructions for exporting the birthday information into your calendar. Though using Google Calendar did not work for me, you might find it helpful.

To create a Google Calendar, you will need a Google account (i.e., Gmail, reader, etc.). If you don’t have such an account – no worries, you can sign up for free.

Sending Birthday Wishes via the Event Tab

Whether or not you prefer the e-mail notification as a reminder, there’s a simple way to post birthday wishes without accessing each friend’s wall. In using time wisely, I send birthday wishes via the event tab.

    • Sign into your Facebook account.
    • Click on the Home button in the top right-hand corner.
    • Under Favorites, select Events on the left-hand sidebar.
    • On your Events page, choose the List option (located next to the word EVENTS).
    • Viewing a thumbnail picture of each friend’s profile, you can “write a birthday wish on her timeline” in the box provided.

By sending birthday wishes via the event tab, I spend less than 5 minutes connecting with friends without accessing each timeline. In using time wisely, I find the event tab helpful to keep my Facebook time to a minimum while connecting with my friends.

New Series in April

Speaking of connecting, I asked for your feedback regarding my experiment in January – choosing one theme for the month. I heard back that the theme progressing day after day made reading easier as one did not need to review the previous week’s post.

Desiring to help you in using your time wisely, I am considering some blog posting changes. I’m not sure exactly what I will do, but I hear your feedback. Since the January theme received favorable support, I will return to the one theme option for April focusing on birthday freebies and discounts.

Birthday parties and celebrations are fast approaching in our home. As we enjoy the generosity of businesses, I will highlight one birthday club or offer each day. If you use these birthday coupons or discounts, please share your experiences in the comments. I look forward to celebrating birthday wishes with you. Happy end-of-March!

Question: How do you send birthday wishes to your Facebook friends?

National Do Not Call Registry

National Do Not Call Registry

Photograph Credit: National Do Not Call Registry

While cooking dinner on the stove, calling out spelling words to my second grader, and buckling the tiny plastic seat belt in Strawberry Shortcakes’ car, my telephone rings.

As I prevent dinner from burning, calm my son who is waiting for his next word, and hand the car to my toddler, I trip over the toys on the kitchen floor and reach the phone. Met with a recorded message informing me that I qualify for a credit card or a credit increase that I have not requested, I hang up.

Though those irritating phone call disruptions will never entirely go away, I have limited those disruptions by placing our telephone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry. Due to the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007, telephone numbers placed on the Do Not Call Registry remain on the list permanently.

Do Not Call Registry Defined

The Do Not Call Registry is a list of phone numbers refusing telephone solicitations. If you have an account with a company or one of its subsidiaries, you may have accepted their terms of agreement to contact you with offers, like my example above. You cannot stop all the extra phones calls, but you can stop lots of them.

Limits of Do Not Call Registry

You can register your home and cellular phone numbers.

Registration is free, and as of February 2008, your registration will not expire.

How to add your number to the Do Not Call Registry

1. Online

2. Phone by calling 1-888-382-1222

3. TTY by calling 1-866-290-4236

In using time wisely, add your phone numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry. As you cut the number of distractions, you might finish dinner on time without any burnt edges. 🙂 Happy distraction removal!

Question: How often do you get bothered with unsolicited phone calls?

Scheduling Time to Catch Up on Pending E-mail Items

Scheduling time to catch up on pending email itemsHow are your e-mail accounts holding up? For about a month, I have had about 10 e-mails in a pending status just because I needed a block of time to address the matters thoroughly.

Since I typically check e-mail 2 to 3 times a day, I kept these messages in my inbox. Seeing them everyday kept reminding me to address them, but time did not appear. Imagine that!

Though I still have my personal account that needs attention, I scheduled time while watching the Olympics to work through the pending e-mails in my Using Time Wisely e-mail account. Wow, I cannot remember the last time that inbox was empty. It was great downloading free e-books, updating affiliate links, and archiving reference material.

With so many e-mails coming through my accounts, keeping all my inboxes uncluttered frees up my time. Working on clearing out my business account inbox has motivated me to schedule my personal account tomorrow. Thankfully, the other 8 accounts have no pending items. Yeah!

For more on how I keep a clutter-free inbox, checkout step 1, step 2, step 3, and step 4 of my system. What works for me may not work for you. However, I hope by sharing my tips that you can receive order and organization in your busy lifestyle while using time wisely. Happy organizing!

Question: How many pending items remain in your inbox?