Customer Service: Publix

Photograph Credit: Flickr (Otherstream)

Happy Hump Day! In our area of South Carolina, many students returned to school today. With the hustle and bustle of getting up early, eating breakfast, packing lunches, getting pictures, and arriving on time, many moms will be exhausted by 10:00 a.m. If you are feeling this way, hang in there. It will get easier!

To bring a smile to your face, I get to share a great customer service experience. Do you remember when I asked for your customer service stories? Well, a friend (let’s call her Melinda) posted her experience on Facebook, and I was floored with the customer service shown to her. After corresponding with her, Melinda has agreed to let me share her story with you.

The Situation

After a Monday morning workout, Melinda used her time wisely to stop by Publix (grocery store) on her way home. Without her 4 children in tow, she was able to gather her items and proceeded to the checkout counter. While the cashier was scanning her items, Melinda realized that she was without her wallet. (Oh, no!) Without panicking, Melinda told the cashier that she could not pay for the items, so the cashier called for her manager to void the transaction.

The Solution

When the manager arrived at the register and heard that Melinda was without her wallet, he responded, “Oh, she comes in all the time. Go ahead and finish her order. She can take it home and come back later and pay.”


This manager understands customer service!

    • He knew that Melinda, a loyal customer, would come back to pay – which she did.
    • He knew that it would take more time to restock the items and have her come back to shop again.
    • He knew that a little kindness goes a LONG way.

The Aftereffect

Free publicity. Melinda hopped on Facebook to share Publix’s incredible customer service. Her friends commented, and the story is now posted on Using Time Wisely to continue spreading the word of Publix’s great customer service.

Trust. From this example of customer service, I know that Publix is concerned about their customers. As a shopper, Melinda was a person first and then a customer. This manager knew this mama had mouths to feed and extended kindness in her time of need. The manager trusted Melinda, and in turn, I trust Publix.

Loyalty. I love shopping at Publix!

    • Their staff is always available, helpful, and friendly.
    • Their store is clean, organized, and accurate (10 items or FEWER).
    • Their image is honest, kind, and trustworthy.

As this manager resolved a customer service situation, his act of kindness to Melinda in her time of need has increased my trust and loyalty in Publix where “shopping is a pleasure!”

Question: Do you have a great customer service story to tell? If so, contact me. I would love to share your experiences and praise the company for their customer service!

Customer Service: Bi-Lo

Sometimes I think customer service is a lost art, and then other times I am blown away by someone with great customer service. Since I will be the first to e-mail or call when there is a problem, I also want to praise a company when they handle a situation well and exceed my customer service expectation.

Photography Credit: Bi-Lo

Shopping at our local grocery store, I have struck up a friendship with the bookkeeper, Laura. She is very friendly and has 3 children about the same ages as my three.

Since Laura works at the Bi-Lo grocery store near my son’s school and I am not planning to drive on that side of town this summer, I will miss her. Knowing someone at the store saves me time and energy.

When a bottle of dishwashing detergent leaked inside a bag of groceries, Laura wiped everything down and replaced the messy bottle. She also helped to adjust my receipt when the register missed doubling a $.50 coupon.

Besides helping with my shopping needs, she is pleasant and brightens our day. She communicates with my girls, and they look forward to seeing Miss Laura when we shop at Bi-Lo.

If I ever need an item out of stock, help reaching an item, clarification on a sale, or assistance with a leaking product, I can find Laura and know that she will either handle the matter or get someone to address the problem. I’m thankful for the friendship we have with Miss Laura, and I look forward to visiting with her again next school year.

Do you have a favorite cashier or store employee that gives you great customer service? Having that connection saves time and makes shopping enjoyable rather than a necessary errand. With so many companies downsizing, policy seems to be taking priority over customer service.

In an effort to encourage those who put the customer first, I would love to post your stories of employees that give great customer service. If you have a great story to share, then please contact me.