JCP Optical: $30 Kids’ Glasses through September 15, 2014

JCP Optical: $30 Kids’ Glasses through September 15, 2014

Photograph Credit: JCP Optical

Due to a change in our eye doctor’s location last year, we had a number of issues with our eye insurance company. Though we worked out the details and received all our benefits, we did not have our eye exams until August.

Usually seeing our doctor at the beginning of the year, I was learning the sale schedules which I found much better during the summer. Choosing to keep our eye appointments around the same time, I scheduled both Mr. 9 and Miss 7’s appointment for the end of July.

They both did really well having their eyes dilated and wearing their snazzy glasses for the afternoon. Once again, Miss 7 has perfect eye sight.

Mr. 9’s glasses are doing well, and he had a very slight change to his prescription. Since we can continue to use his 2 pairs from last year as backups, we only need one pair of glasses for him this year.

As I considered where to purchase his glasses, I started with JCP Optical where we found the best deal last year. Once again, I was thrilled to find a similar deal. Though $5 more than last year, I still find $30 a great deal for a quality pair of glasses.

With our insurance company reimbursing for any pair of glasses up to $120, we will be purchasing a pair of the $30 kids’ glasses soon.

$30 Kids’ Glasses

The $30 Kids’ Glasses promotion at JCP Optical continues through September 15, 2014. This offer includes any kids’ frame up to $120, FREE impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, FREE UV protection and FREE eyeglass protection plan for any school-aged child 16 and under.

With only a tweak in Mr. 9’s prescription, we will have 3 pairs of glasses for him to use. If he had needed a brand new prescription, then we would choose to purchase two pairs at this price. We would only get reimbursed from insurance for one pair, but $30 for a second pair is worth the cost should he break the first pair.

TRACY’s NOTE: The FREE eyeglass protection plan means that you do not have to pay extra for the protection. However, should the glasses break and you need to use the protection plan, there is a $19.99 deductible for each repair.

This is why we chose to purchase a second pair last year to have an immediate backup. Our JCP Optical would need to send the glasses away for repair leaving the wearer without a pair of glasses.

While stretching our dollars, we will purchase the $30 kids’ glasses for Mr. 9. Upon receipt, I will submit to our insurance company for reimbursement. In stretching our dollars, JCP Optical helps us get the needed equipment while staying within our budget.

In using time wisely to research our options, I’m thankful for JCP Optical’s $30 Kids’ Glasses promotion which continues through September 15, 2014. Happy savings!

Question: Where do you find deals on vision care? 

Walmart: Blue Rhino Propane Deal through April 5, 2014

Walmart: Blue Rhino Propane Deal through April 5, 2014

Photograph Credit: Walmart

Are you getting ready for spring cleaning? I am ready to whip our home into shape. We have been getting routine maintenance done, and I’m glad to be making headway.

In preparing for grilling season, we took advantage of the Blue Rhino propane deal at Walmart this week and next week.

Blue Rhino Tank (New), $46.82

Buy 1, get a $25 Walmart gift card

$3/1 Blue Rhino Coupon *print limit reached*
$3/1 Blue Rhino Rebate – one per household per calendar year


Blue Rhino Tank Exchange, $18.92

Buy 1, get a $10 Walmart gift card

$3/1 Blue Rhino Coupon *print limit reached*
$3/1 Blue Rhino Rebate – one per household per calendar year

Our First Propane Tank Exchange

I knew we needed one of our tanks refilled, so I printed the $3 off coupon from earlier this week. We ventured out to our Walmart, and I exchanged our tank for $15.92 and received the $10 Walmart gift card. I will also submit for the $3 mail-in rebate which is the best deal I have found on propane.

After putting the new tank away, Paul discovered that we had another empty tank. So, I will be off to Walmart again. Since I do not have the $3 off coupon as the print limit has been reached, I am going to wait until Tuesday, April 1, 2014, as this deal continues in our area through next week.

Our Second Propane Tank Exchange

At the beginning of each month, resets their coupons. I am hopeful that the Blue Rhino coupon will reset. Then I can snag a second tank exchange for $12.92. If the coupon does not reset, then I will make sure to stop by Walmart by Saturday, April 5, and proceed as follows.

I will exchange the second tank at the $18.92 price, use the $10 Walmart gift card from the first tank purchase, and pay $8.92. I will then get another $10 Walmart gift card. For both tanks, I will pay $24.84, get $3 cash back from the rebate, and have a $10 Walmart gift card remaining.

If you are in need of a propane tank exchange or a new one, then make your plans to snag this deal. Our Walmart will exchange any tank for a Blue Rhino. If you have another brand of tank, then check with your Walmart. You might be able to get this deal even without an original Blue Rhino swap.

With offers like the Walmart Blue Rhino propane deal which is available through Saturday, April 5, 2014, we can enjoy grilling in the great outdoors without paying retail or full price for our propane. In using time wisely, I found this propane deal worth the time to stop by Walmart to keep stretching our dollars. Happy savings!

Question: How often do you grill out during the year? 

All You: 12 Issues for $5 – Limited Time

All You: 12 Issues for $5 – Limited Time

Photograph Credit: All You

Wow! This is by far the best deal I have seen on the magazine All You. As I always wait for a deal before renewing my subscription, I was thrilled with this drop in price.

My current subscription was due to expire in May, and I have been getting discount renewal notices for $7.50 for a 6-month subscription.

My target cost for this great magazine, that includes lots of high-valued coupons, is $1 per issue. As the prior notices have not been within my target range, I have ignored those offers.

I’m so glad I did as I was able to renew my subscription for another year at a total cost of $5.30 with tax or 44¢ an issue. 😀

If you have been waiting to try All You, then this is a great deal. I am considering purchasing another one to extend my subscription rate into 2016.

This 12 issues for $5 offer is fantastic and could end at anytime. I do not have any affiliation with All You, nor do I have an affiliate link associated with this deal.

I just know how much I love this magazine, find it useful for gathering coupons, and desire to help you in using your time and money wisely.

If you would not use the coupons, then save your money and ignore this deal. But if you use coupons and love this magazine, then spend the $5.30 to extend your subscription for another year. Happy savings!

Question: Do you subscribe to All You?

Newspaper Subscription: Wait for a Promotional Deal

Newspaper Subscription: Wait for a Promotional Deal

Photograph Credit: Microsoft Images

Our newspaper subscription expired two weeks ago. Upon receiving the last delivery of the 3-month promotional period, I called and canceled our subscription.

At the time of cancellation, the representative offered me another discounted rate $3 more than I was paying. Knowing that another offer would come, I chose to wait for a promotional deal.

As we subscribe to the Sunday-only service, we went without a newspaper one Sunday. Not 2 days later, I received a call offering me the same 3-month deal at the same rate I was paying. This deal I took.

After writing down the information including the representative’s name, the amount, start date, promotional period, and billing date, I noted our newspaper subscription on our calendar. I recorded the first delivery date and marked my calendar for 3-months later to cancel this subscription.

By knowing what price I was willing to pay, I was able to quickly make decisions on the deals presented. Businesses are hurting for sales, and the offer I want will come. I just need to be patient and wait for a promotional deal.

In the past, I have had to wait a month before I could sign up for another promotion. This time, I only missed one paper before receiving the next promotional offer.

If you are looking to save on your newspaper subscription, wait for a promotional deal. These deals are usually found on flyers in the newspapers, wherever sample newspapers are given out, or via telemarketers. Knowing your price point will help you choose a great deal. Happy savings!

Question: Do you pay full price for your newspaper subscription?

JCP Optical: $25 Kids’ Glasses through September 7, 2013

JCP Optical: $25 Kids’ Glasses through September 7, 2013  Preparing for school, I went through my checklist: gather the school supplies – check, plan haircuts – check, purchase uniforms – check, and schedule eye exams – check.

After having our eyes examined last year, our doctor warned us that our son was on the brink of needing glasses, so I scheduled our exams prior to the start of school.

Prepared with toys and activities, our entire family camped out at the doctor’s office one Saturday morning. Four out of the five of us received vision exams with three of us needing new prescriptions.

Choosing to research our options for glasses, we left the doctor’s office with dilated eyes, funky sunglasses, and our prescriptions.

Choosing Kids’ Glasses

At home, I located a list of our in-network providers. After a few phone calls, I decided to just visit the providers in person. One weekday evening, our family headed out glasses shopping. The salesperson at our first stop was less than helpful spouting off lots of numbers and recommending lots of options at additional charges.

Having a basic understanding of our plan, I was getting confused with the numbers, and the answers to my questions were less than helpful. So, we left and stopped by J. C. Penney Optical where we found someone willing to spend time going over the options with us.

With our vision insurance plan, the price for 2 pairs of glasses for my son came to $58. Seeing the advertisement for the $25 kids’ glasses through September 7, 2013, I asked our kind representative to check the price of the promotion. In doing so, the price for the same 2 pairs of glasses with the same options came to $53.

Saving $5 and our insurance benefits, we chose to go with the $25 kids’ glasses promotion rather than our vision insurance benefits as the two cannot be combined at the store.

This way, should our son’s prescription change by the end of the year, we can still purchase new glasses using the insurance benefits. If he doesn’t need those insurance benefits, then I can submit one of his pairs for a partial reimbursement.

$25 Kids’ Glasses

JCP Optical: $25 Kids’ Glasses through September 7, 2013

Photograph Credit: JCP Optical

The $25 Kids’ Glasses promotion at JCP Optical ends on September 7, 2013. This offer includes any kids’ frame up to $120, FREE impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses, FREE UV protection and FREE eyeglass protection plan for any school-aged child 16 and under.

The amazing part of this deal for me was realizing that getting a second pair of glasses for $25 was less expensive than replacing the first pair under the FREE eyeglass protection plan for $40.

The protection plan comes FREE with the deal. But if my son cracks his glasses where the frame needs replacement, the cost under the protection plan is $40.

By having two pairs, we have an automatic backup should one pair break during the year.

In stretching our dollars, our family had our annual eye exams, researched our in-network options, asked the representatives questions, and compared promotions with our insurance benefits. The result was purchasing two pairs of glasses for our son. Paul and I still need to place our orders, but our options are a bit more complicated.

Thankful for promotions like JCP Optical’s $25 kids’ glasses, we saved $5 by choosing the promotion over our insurance benefits. Taking a few minutes to check both options ended up being using time wisely as we snagged the best deal for our son’s glasses. Happy stretching your dollars!

Question: Do you get an annual eye exam, or do you wait until you have vision problems?