Holiday Ideas: St. Patrick’s Day – 2012

Photograph Credit: Flickr (Dining Delight)

Though our family hosted both a small dinner party and a play date, we have not clad our home in green for Saturday’s holiday.

I know . . . I had great inspiration, but no big party plans for this celebration.  On the upside, I did swap the Valentine’s Day decorations for the St. Patrick’s Day embellishments and found some more St. Patrick’s Day recipes and crafts. 🙂

Last week, I shared 5 party ideas from around the blogosphere. This week, I will add 4 more ideas that I found creative.

More St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

Beverage: Lactose-free St. Patrick’s Day Shakes

Cookie: Rainbow Cookie

Cupcakes: Lucky Charms and Clover Cupcakes (Love the clover cupcakes!)

Activity: Rainbow of learning

As you prepare your green outfit and Irish touches for Saturday, enjoy making St. Patrick’s Day special with those around you. Happy planning!

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