Inspiration: Additional Halloween Party Ideas – Part 3

Photograph Credit: Flickr (Camille Styles)

With our schedule slowing down a tad and all these great Halloween party ideas, I think our family will host another Halloween party this year. My eldest daughter is already talking about last year’s party and who we should invite this year. Thankfully, I have most of the items needed from previous years, and these great party ideas just add to the flavor of the event.

To keep the inspiration coming, here are 6 additional party ideas for your Halloween gathering:

Non-spooky Decorations

1. Pumpkin Carving Tips

2. Jack-O-Lanterns from baby food jars

3. Bats and Mice made with black construction paper

Yummy Seasonal Menu Items

4. Pumpkin Butter

5. Pumpkin Rice Krispies Treats

6. Free E-book: 23 Unforgettable Halloween Party Recipes

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With all these great party ideas, will you change your mind and host a ghostly event? If so, please be sure to post pictures for us to enjoy. Happy planning!

Question: What is your favorite Halloween decoration or food item? Keep the inspiration moving by adding your answer to the comments.

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