Maintaining: Preserving your Children’s Artwork

Paper clutter can quickly overtake a space. Without constant attention, my kitchen counter will sport a mound of paperwork by the end of each day.

On top of the normal mail items, you probably have lots of school paperwork and artwork to handle. Though I enjoy all the lovely art projects brought home, I refuse to keep paper clutter.

The Dilemma

Realizing that my son worked hard on his projects and wants to display them, how do I find space for these items when they will be forgotten by the end of the week?

My Immediate Solution

Allow my son to display his beautiful artwork on our kitchen bar. The displayed artwork is visible and accessible for a few days.

My Permanent Solution

After a few days, I will ask my son if he still needs his artwork displayed. If he wants to keep it a little longer, he will ask. But if done with the project, he responds with, “Mom, you can do whatever you want with it.”

When I get the latter answer, I will take a picture of the item and then toss it in the trash. Yes, throw the item away because I have preserved the artwork via a photograph.

The picture solution is a win-win situation in our home. In using time wisely, our family can view the item at anytime without cluttering our living space.

By reaching a solution to one part of the paper trail, I can decrease clutter while preserving my children’s artwork. With my child’s consent, I throw away without guilt the bulky poster boards, irregular shaped foam boards, and sculptures because I have a photograph of his art projects.

By keeping the paper count from my children’s artwork low, I am free to work and play at home with a preserved photograph and without a sea of clutter.

Did I step on your toes? If you tend to hoard everything, then clutter will weigh you down. Rise above the clutter, take control, and only keep your favorites. You can create a beautiful organized space only after you get rid of the clutter. Choose wisely!

Question: How do you preserve your children’s artwork? Please add your answer to the comments.

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