Planning for Success: Post Your Payday Schedule – Day 19

Planning for success - Day 19

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Knowing that a successful year will not materialize on its own, we must plan and prepare for a prosperous 2013.

Throughout the 31 days of January, I will choose one topic each day to prepare or schedule for this year.

Without preparation, I know I will forget, miss, or overlook certain items. If you desire an organized year, then join me in this adventure of Planning for Success for a prosperous 2013.

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Day 19: Post Your Payday Schedule

Stretching our dollars is becoming a necessity in light of the economic changes this year. Between the squeeze on businesses with the health insurance increases due to Obamacare and the 2% increase in FICA (returning Social Security taxes to 6.2% from the tax reduction 4.2% rate in 2011 and 2012), families are feeling the crunch, mine included.

Many families are already struggling and taking more from their paychecks leaves them feeling stressed, discontent, and worried. To reign in these anxious feelings, we need to trust God for He is in control and then focus on what we can change.

Modified Monthly Budget

With the money earned, we can adjust our spending to work within the parameters of these additional tax measures. Working with a monthly budget, you can track your spending.

Though I do not use a dollar by dollar budget where every penny requires designation, I record our spending on my 2013 Bill Pay Record as I submit payments and then insert receipt information into our savings tracker.


2013 Bill Pay Record (.pdf version)

2013 Bill Pay Record (Microsoft Excel version)

Planning for Success

You are welcome to download, customize with the Excel version, and use this free printable. To share this resource with others, please forward the link to this post rather than sending the file directly.

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This modified monthly budget system works for me as I see the big picture of our finances twice a month. Our family operates solely on Paul’s salary which is deposited bi-monthly. With a set time frame, I post the payday schedule within my calendar. I write, “payday” and then indicate our tithe (charitable contribution) designations.

Bill Pay Routine

Once payday arrives, I plan a time to pay, schedule, and check our bills for payment. In watching our finances twice a month, I can adjust our spending as needed to prevent dipping into our emergency fund.

For those of you without a set pay schedule, adjust as needed. I know it is especially difficult for small business owners, who depend on clients for their payday.

Work with your current situation; take initiative to schedule what you can; and get creative to stay motivated during these trying times.

In planning for success, post your payday schedule in your calendar. Since Paul’s check is automatically deposited and the pay stub is only available electronically, I need this reminder in my calendar.

Keep doing your best stretching your dollars. Some decisions are out of your hands, but you can control the spending and your attitude.

Though we are in for a rough four years complete with increased taxes due to our government’s poor planning, we have choices. In using time wisely, focus on what you can change with contentment. 🙂 Happy choosing!

Question: Have you seen a decrease in your family’s paycheck(s)? 

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