Planning for Success: Print and Display Your Menu Planner – Day 3

Planning for success - Day 3

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Knowing that a successful year will not materialize on its own, we must plan and prepare for a prosperous 2013.

Throughout the 31 days of January, I will choose one topic each day to prepare or schedule for this year.

Without preparation, I know I will forget, miss, or overlook certain items. If you desire an organized year, then join me in this adventure of Planning for Success for a prosperous 2013.

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Day 1: Select a Planning Tool

Day 2: Add Your Priorities

 Day 3: Print and Display Your Menu Planner

In preparing to save money while feeding my family, I find my menu planner a key tool in the process. Having worked through different options, I found my tool of choice a monthly menu planner. Though I plan a week at a time, I like to see the entire month on one page as I plan.

Planning for Success - Day 3Keeping my prior menu planners in a 3-ring binder, I planned for 2013 by completing the following:

    • Added 6 page protectors to my notebook. When I complete a month’s plan, I slide it into one side of the page protector. I can fit 2 months per protector when they are facing opposite sides.
    • Printed 12 copies of my monthly menu planner and tucked those pages inside the pocket of my notebook.
    • Completed my weekly menu plan for the rest of this week, and displayed my menu planner on my refrigerator.

Menu Planners

If you desire to change menu planners, try a system, or start for the first time, then these weekly options and my favorite monthly planner (with a free download) might solve your dilemma:

    • Weekly options – Shayla offers 5 different printable weekly planners.
    • Monthly option – click on my Monthly Menu Planner to download the below-pictured printable for free. 

Monthly Menu Planner

In planning for success, print and display your menu planner. With the visible reminder and easy accessibility of adding ideas, my menu planner saves our family from emergency meals at a fast food restaurant.

Though there are times when I chuck the menu planner and choose what is best for my family, our menu planner saves the day quite often.

As you prepare for 2013, remember to plan for meals as they will come three or more times a day. 😉 Happy planning!

Question: What is your favorite menu planner?

2 comments to Planning for Success: Print and Display Your Menu Planner – Day 3

  • KOri

    It is a really cute planner, but it only covers 28 days. So I can’t use it.

    • You are right, Kori. I add boxes to the top and/or bottom of the page for the remaining days. Due to the margin limits, I could not keep the space needed for all 3 meals and make it 5 weeks. There are many other planners, so I hope you find one that fits your needs. Thanks for the comment!