Small Acts of Kindness Make a Difference

Small Acts of Kindness Make a Difference

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Small acts of kindness make a difference.

Taking an interest in one of our state congress persons, I read her monthly newsletters and send her short e-mails agreeing or commenting on her updates.

She always responds back with a willingness to assist with any matters she oversees.

When sent an invitation to attend a Town Hall meeting prior to the election, I carved out time in my schedule to attend.

The event was poorly attended which allowed one-on-one time with her. Upon waiting behind a go-getter teenager with a number of questions and issues, my turn arrived.

This representative surprised me as she read my name tag and greeted me like an old friend. She thanked me numerous times for my e-mails and contact with her. She was eager to help me in any way I needed, but I was glad to meet her.

Realizing that reading her monthly e-mail and sending back a quick response spurred her on when the going got tough. Serving the community is not an easy task. She does the best she can, and I am thrilled to encourage her in her fight for our community and state.

As most of the elections have concluded, I hope you know of at least one elected official with whom you support and can encourage during their term. Consider the following communication methods:

  • Newsletter via e-mail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • Blog

In using time wisely, my small investment made a big impact. Our representative sent a personal thank you note for attending her meeting which thrilled me. I reached out to encourage her, but she encouraged me through her response.

Life is busy for everyone. We all have choices, and we cannot be everything to everyone. However, we can encourage one. The time investment is small, but small acts of kindness make a difference. Happy encouraging!

Question: Do you get involved with politics?

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