Special Health Policies Overview

In setting up our insurance document file, I worked with the policies we held and provided space for additions. The ninth file opening in our insurance document file holds special insurance policies we have chosen to carry.

If you do not have any special health policies, you may choose to skip this category or leave it empty for future policies.

Remember the key is organizing your paperwork. I just share how I organize our documents to give you a starting point. Your file will look different because you hold different types of policies than I.

Within my filing system, this seventh category of special health policies holds two types of insurance in three separate policies.

Special Health Policies

  • Critical Illness and Cancer Protection Policy
  • Stem Cell Preservation – Policy 1
  • Stem Cell Preservation – Policy 2

Other items you might file within a special health policies’ category include:

  • Alternative Therapy
  • Catastrophic
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Durable Medical Equipment

As you file your insurance documents, start with the policies you have. If you plan to add more policies, then just leave an empty labeled slot for the future.

In creating designated space for your insurance documents, you are working through your piles of paperwork while using time wisely. Keep organizing!

Question: What types of special health policies do you carry?

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