Swag Bucks: Advanced Guide

Photograph Credit: Swag Bucks

Photograph Credit: Swag Bucks

If the beginner’s guide and intermediate guide have left you wanting more ways to earn Swag Bucks, then the advanced guide is for you. Since I am more of an intermediate Swag Bucks player, I will recommend these posts on earning more Swag Bucks:

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Money Saving Mom: 15 Ways to Earn More Swag Bucks (in 3 parts)

Living Loving Learning Naturally: How to earn MORE Swagbucks (link no longer working as of July 10, 2014)

Need an extra tip on how to search? Check out this You Tube video for a great tip on searching to earn more Swag Bucks.

Swag Bucks is not a get rich quickly program. However, earning Swag Bucks throughout the year will help in stretching your dollars. By choosing gift cards, I get to fund birthdays, anniversary, and Christmas gifts.

In using time wisely, find a system that works for you as you search the Internet and earn those Swag Bucks. Happy savings!

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