Talk About Computer Issues

Talk About Computer Issues

Photograph Credit: Microsoft Images

Thank you for your patience as I put blogging on hold during all of October and the beginning of November. This unannounced break occurred after my laptop refused to power up.

Talk about computer issues . . . my wonderful hubby transferred my documents to another machine.

Though all my files were saved, the replacement computer had issues which resulted in reloading multiple programs which took a number of days. Then I could not access some of my files due to the version of programs on that machine.

Anyway, it’s been a month and a half of issues. Though the issues are not completely resolved, I have a way to blog. It is not ideal, but it works.

I appreciate your understanding as I was using time wisely rather than waiting for a replacement computer to process slowly. Checking e-mail was a bit of a challenge some days, so I just put the blog on hold.

Post may not come daily, but they will come more often. Coming soon is a Thanksgiving giveaway which I hope you will enter and win.

Appreciate your continued support of Using Time Wisely as we journey together making choices that cause us to put good things on hold while focusing on the best. Happy choosing!

Question: What is currently on your “back-burner” while you focus on the immediate issues?

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