Timesaver: Veggie Cups

Timesaver: Veggie Cups

Photograph Credit: Microsoft Images

Do you get inspired from magazine articles? Though I do not read many magazines, I scan pages for ideas. One magazine I enjoy skimming is “Martha Stewart Living.”

Now, I do not have my own garden, bake from scratch, make my own spices, entertain each week, sew, or make my own centerpieces and décor.

However, I am a homemaker, event planner, and organizer, so I love picking out tips and tricks that will save me time, money, and energy.

The Inspiration

While browsing the latest issue of “Martha Stewart Living,” I was inspired by a party trick I can adapt for my style. The author suggested:

    1. Placing vegetable dip into the bottom of clear shot glasses or votive candle holders,
    2. Adding sliced veggies (carrot sticks, cucumber spears, celery sticks, etc.) to the containers, and
    3. Serving the glasses or candle holders on a serving tray among a layer of ice.

My Adaptation

I loved this idea. I often serve colorful, accessible vegetable trays at small parties. With a little adaption to my style and my budget, this event trick can be useful.

Buffet-style Event

I am thinking of events where many attendees need to be served in a limited amount of time. For this type of event, a buffet line works well.

With about ½” ranch dressing poured into the bottom of each clear plastic cup and a handful of veggies placed upright, event attendees can quickly pass through the buffet line, pick up a veggie cup, and  continue to the next station.

Sit-down Event

For a sit-down event, having the veggie cups prepared on the serving trays would make the delivery to the table quick and efficient.

Formal Event

For more formal events, the container could be upgraded to fit the occasion. Click here to view Snack Girl’s detailed instructions with a photograph showcasing her Veggie Shots.

Just taking a few minutes to glance through a magazine has inspired me to use a new tip at my next party. I’m excited as this solution is easy which helps me in using time wisely. Happy creating!

Question: What tip or trick have you discovered that can be adapted to your style?

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