What Do You Think?: Children Writing Thank You Notes

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What Do You Think about Children Writing Thank You Notes?

Tracy’s 2¢: Yes, children can and should write thank you notes. Growing up in a home where my mom taught my brother and I gratitude for tokens of kindness, I learned to write thank you. After Christmas and birthdays, mom would sit down with me and help me compose my own notes.

My children are at different stages, but they all help write their thank you notes:

Toddler: I write the thank you note, and she “signs” it. Her signature is in the form of lines and scribbles, but she sits down and signs them all at the same time. She then delivers or puts the notes in envelopes to mail.

Preschooler: Again, I write the thank you note, and she writes her name. Depending on the length of her friend’s name, she may write her name on the envelope or top of the note. She also hand delivers the notes or helps address the notes for mailing.

Elementary student: Though simple, he writes his own notes making sure to include something personal. His notes are not long, but he writes them. I help him compose his notes, and we usually have 2 to 3 sessions since he tires easily.

As my children grow, they continue to develop their writing skills. A great way for them to practice is by showing their gratitude via writing thank you notes.

The free printable thank you note templates offered by Mandi at Life Your Way are perfect for children. Even beginning with a simple picture drawn to show their gratitude will encourage children to write thank you notes.

Question: Do your children write thank you notes? What do you think?

2 comments to What Do You Think?: Children Writing Thank You Notes

  • Shannon Roughgarden

    My 7 year old daughter has written thank you notes and will continue to. I think it is important to take a moment of one’s time to send out a thank you note and acknowledge what was given. My two year old daughter sends out thank you notes as well. I write them and I trace her hand on the note and help her write her name. When I do not receive thank you notes, I often wonder if the person received my gift, if they knew it was from me, or if they just didn’t care enough about it to let me know. In this day and age with everything being so instant, I do believe that taking time to hand write a letter is important and it helps you think about someone else.